Laptop Lockers

This user guide is for borrowing and returning equipment from your iLockerz system

You will need to use your student ID card to borrow a laptop. You are then responsible for the return of that device.

Only one device may be borrowed at any time, and it can only be returned to the same locker from where it was taken from.

The laptops are only for use within the Highlands College campus and not to be taken off site.

The laptops can only be used when connected to the Highlands College WiFi service. They will not connect to your home WIFi.

The devices are for short term use and should only be used for one or two lessons then returned so that the batteries remain at a good rate of charge.

When returning the laptops, you must connect the charging cable so that it will be ready for the next student. Failing to connect them securely may result in your network account being disabled.

Any damage should be reported immediately so that we can maintain the maximum number of devices available.

Devices that are not returned the same day may result in your college account being disabled.

Do not place any personal equipment inside the lockers as you may not be able to retrieve them.

HOME SCREEN                                 

·         When using the iLockerz system you will be presented with the iLockerz home screen

·         To login simply scan your student ID card against the scanner.

·         The Accessibility locker option is for anyone who may require a locker compartment that is located approximately one meter high


REMOVING A LAPTOP             

·         Upon a successful login you will be given access to the most charged device.

·         The cabinet door will automatically unlock, releasing the asset.

·         Simply unplug the cable and remove the device, then close the door.



·         After scanning your card, you will be given access to the same compartment device

·         Ensure you have inserted the charger cable firmly and there are no wires hanging outside of the compartment.

·         Once you have returned the device, please wait 5 seconds to confirm it has been connected securely.

·         If the device is not connected securely the door will open, and you will hear an alarm.  Make sure you reconnect the cable and close the locker.


·         After closing the compartment there is an option to leave a comment. Occasionally there may be damage or issues with the devices

·         Quick comments allow you to help IT staff to retrieve and resolve any issues with the devices

·         Letting staff know there is an issue, will ensure the maximum number of devices are available for borrowing.