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GCE, GCSE and IGCSE exams

Which exams can I book?

Which exams can I book? 

As an external student you can take your GCE/GCSE/IGCSE paper exams at Highlands College for the November, January and June series.

For Pearson iGCSE June series you can register online and pay for a number of different iGCSEs (please register the candidates name and details as it appears on their passport / birth certificate). Follow this link to register.

The Pearson iGCSEs you can register and pay online are:

  • Mathematices A Higher – 4MA1H
  • Mathematices A Foundation – 4MA1F
  • English Language A – 4EA1 – Only entry for components 1 and 2 are available
  • English Language B – 4EB1
  • English Literature – 4ET1 – Only entry for components 1 and 2 are available
  • Science (Double Award) – 4SDO
  • Chemistry – 4CH1
  • Biology – 4Bi1
  • Physics – 4PH1
  • Human Biology – 4HB1
  • Geography – 4GE1
  • History – 4Hi1
  • Business – 4BS1

Click here for a PDF online booking guide for the Pearson iGCSE.


Details regarding the exam codes and dates for the Exam Boards we are approved for can be found on their websites:

AQA – AQA | Exams admin | Dates and timetables

Cambridge International – Exam timetables (cambridgeinternational.org)

Pearson – Exam timetables | Pearson qualifications

Please note we are only able to make entries for exam only subjects.  We are unable to mark or submit any coursework or administer practical and oral modules.

How can I make a booking?

Once you have decided which exams you wish to sit, please use the Registration Form below, complete it and return to exams@highlands.ac.uk detailing all the exams and codes you wish to be entered for.  Deadlines to return are on the form.

Entry deadlines

Deadline                             Exam Board                                             Series                                             Exam Type

7th September Cambridge International

Pearson, AQA

October / November


iGCSE resits
15th September Pearson November iGCSE resits
31st January Cambridge International

Pearson, AQA

May / June




1st March Pearson June iGCSE available – Registration here

How much will it cost?

Depending on the exams and Exam boards you select and their duration, costs will vary.  Once you have submitted the entry form, fees payable will be confirmed and will need to be paid prior to entering you for the exam.  Please note that if you miss the entry deadline, we may not be able to enter you for the exam, or late fees may be charged.

What else to I need to know?

Once you have been entered for the exam we will send you a Statement of entry, which you need to keep and bring with you on the day of the exam.  The Statement of Entry will contain the dates and start times of your exams.  Please arrive early on the day of your exam.

Is there any advice on which exams to enter?

Highlands College Exams Centre can only advise whether it is possible to administer and sit the exams at Highlands College.

The Exams Centre cannot provide advice on the details of syllabuses.

Parents of home-schooled children can get advice from the Jersey Government Inclusion ServiceDetails available here.

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