Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science) Ascentis

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Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science) Ascentis

Who is this course for?

The Ascentis Access to Higher Education Diploma is an intensive one-year course that enables students without the necessary academic qualifications to gain a level 3 certificate with A level equivalency and to prepare them for degree level education. Students must have a real desire to study and a commitment to attend.

This course is for mature students who are at least 19 years old on 1st September. 



What are the entry requirements for the course?

There are no formal entry requirements but you need to be able to demonstrate:

  • You are at least 19 years old on 1st September.
  • You have GCSE Maths and English at grade C (grade 4) or above before you start the course. (or equivalent qualification if accepted by University of choice). 
    Some universities and professions, such as teaching, nursing and childcare, also require you to have a GCSE in Science at grade C (grade 4) or above as an entry requirement.
  • Evidence of recent study is desirable.
  • A clear idea of the higher education courses you wish to apply for.
  • An ability to undertake independent study.
  • Time management is essential as this course requires high levels of self-motivation and organisation.


How long is this course?

A one-year full-time course. Applications will be opening October 2023, any queries, please contact 

The deadline for applications is 31st May 2024.


What will I study on this course?

The qualification consists of 3 subject areas, Human Physiology, Psychology and Study Skills 


What Qualification will I gain?

Ascentis Access to Higher Education Diploma – Science.

Satisfactory completion of the course is equivalent to three A Levels.


Will I go out on work experience?

There is no work experience for Access to HE.  This is a very demanding academic – 3 A level equivalency – course in one year.


What does this course lead on to?

The Ascentis Access to HE diploma opens up progression to a range of Healthcare, Social Science and Social Work degree courses in UK universities for adult learners, applying via UCAS. 

It is a direct progression route to the many degrees on offer at University College Jersey (UCJ), which provides a low-cost route to gaining a degree on-island.

It also provides an excellent foundation for the local Nursing Degree at the General Hospital, St Helier.


How much will it cost?

  • £129 subscription and exam fee – this may be subject to a small increase.
  • £3456 full course fees (if you have not studied at Level 3 before, your course fees may be waived) 

There may be some additional costs for specialist books. 


How can I find out more?

For more information, please email