Coronavirus latest information

Government of Jersey central Covid-19 information here


05-01-2022 Latest college Covid update

04-01-2022  Covid update for new school term


17-12-2021 Latest update from Dr Muscat

24-11-2021 Covid testing changes

19-11-2021 Covid-19 press release

19-11-2021 Letter to parents

19-11-2021 Covid-19 vaccine Parents FAQ’s

19-11-2021 Covid-19 guide for students

19-11-2021 Covid-19 – Consent Form

29-06-2021 Updates to children’s isolation requirements

23-01-2001 Lateral flow testing starts in schools

08-01-2021 STAC update for colleges and schools

 06-01-2021 Statement from the Education Minister

06-01-2021 Health Advice on the Reopening of Schools Letter from Scientific and Technical, Advisory Cell (STAC) to the Education Minister

02-01-2021 FAQ’s

07-12-2020 Statement from Education minister

07-12-2020 Covid-19 cases in schools

04-01-2021 – Workplace Safety Plan

18-11-2020 Update on mouth and nose coverings

17-11-2020 Message to parents – Masks to be worn in schools

17-11-2020 Public health guidance –  Highlands College students

17-11-2020 GOJ Covid -19 advice on Mouth and nose coverings

17-11-2020 Public health guidance summary for employers

17-11-2020 Public health guidance – Apprentices at Highlands

08-09-2020 Common cold and COVID-19 Symptoms

07-07-20 Workplace Safety Plan

19-06-20 Health advice on the reopening of schools

18-06-20 All Children to return to school

12-06-20 Bezpieczny powrót do przewodnika po college’u – Przewodnik dla rodziców – Polski

12-06-20 Retorno seguro ao guia da faculdade – Guia dos pais – português

04-06-20 Safe return to college guides – Staff guideStudent guideParent guide

04-06-20 Cafe Connect guidelines

28-05-20 Re-opening of schools, colleges and nurseries

22-05-20 Schools closure extended to 5th June

01-05-20 Schools remain closed until after May half term break

29-04-20 Children and young people survey

28-04-20 Parent / carers update

23-04-20 COVID19 Advice for parents

22-04-20 Employer survey

22-04-20 Joint letter to students

22-04-20 Joint letter to employers

20-04-20 Free broadband

20-04-20 Education minister statement

02-04-20 News release

31-03-20 CYPES FAQ’s

30-03-20 Remote learning guidance

27-03-20 Student support information

27-03-20 College contact details

27-03-20 Parental letter

20-03-20 FAQ Update

20-03-20 Student update

19-03-20 Parental update

19-03-20 College Update information

18-03-20 Schools closure update

18-03-20 Schools closure from Monday 23rd March

16-03-20 letter from the Principal 

WHO video on how to protect yourself against COVID-19

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