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10-02-2022  Covid-19 Vaccination programme in Secondary Schools and College

 Dear Parents/Guardians

Covid vaccinations are again being made available to secondary school aged students. First, second and booster doses will be offered to those who are eligible.

Please find below a letter from Dr Ivan Muscat, a Government press release, a vaccine guide for students, a Parents’ FAQs leaflet and a vaccination consent form.

 The vaccination team will be available to our students in college on Thursday 17 February. If you would like your son/daughter to receive this vaccination, please complete and return the attached consent form to College Main Reception by Monday 14 February.

We will also be hosting an ‘Ask the Experts’ session for students on Wednesday 16 February, where they will have the opportunity to direct questions to a panel of experts, including Dr Ivan Muscat.

Letter to parents      Vaccination guide     Consent form     Guide for children     Parents FAQ’s

Kind regards

Highlands College



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