Acceptable Use Policy (Highlands College Students)
1. The rules contained in this document will apply to students at all times when using ICT services
(computers, WiFi, etc) and facilities (software, networks, charging sockets, etc) in Highlands College even if
the equipment that you are using is personal.
2. You will not deliberately modify, damage or vandalise college ICT equipment. If you accidentally
break anything then you should inform a tutor straight away.
3. The use of personal ICT equipment is encouraged but is still governed by this policy and you should obey
all the extra rules regarding the use of your equipment on-site.
4. You should always log-in using your own user name and password: You should never disclose your
log-in details to anyone else. You agree that you are responsible for everything that is done using your login
details and for all files that are held in your personal storage area. If you think that somebody else has
discovered your log-in details then you should inform a member of staff immediately so that your log-in
details may be changed.
5. You realise that your use of personal and Highlands College ICT devices will be monitored and that
everything you do may be recorded or logged. You realise that the results of this monitoring may be
shared with other people if you breach any of the rules or if your actions are of a criminal nature.
6. You will not access any websites, services, files or other resources that are blocked or which you know
you are not allowed to access.
7. You agree that the use of ICT in Highlands College will primarily be used for educational purposes
unless you have permission from a staff member for other uses at specific times. You should immediately
logoff from any social activities if requested by a staff member.
8. You agree to never illegally download or upload copyright materials. Downloading copyright
materials (including music and video files) without paying the appropriate license fee is often a criminal act
that will be treated as theft.
9. You agree that you will not try to view, send, upload or download material that is unsuitable for
viewing in Highlands College. If you accidentally see any unsuitable material then you should
immediately close (but not delete, in the case of emails) the material and tell a member of staff. You will
not be punished if you view unsuitable material by accident and realise that by reporting this you will
help to improve the e-safety of Highlands College.
10. You will not disclose personal details such as my home address and telephone numbers to other
people nor log any personal details on websites while using ICT in Highlands College. If you break this rule
and disclose any personal details then you understand that all the details disclosed can be recorded and
that Highlands College will not be responsible for maintaining the security of those details. You agree not to pass-on the personal details of another person without that person’s permission.
11. Proper conduct must be maintained at all times while using ICT. You agree that you will not
harass, bully, insult or attack others via email or any other means. The use of strong language, swearing
or aggressive behaviour is not acceptable. You will should be polite at all times.

Additional e-safety information for students
You have agreed to Highlands College Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for ICT equipment/facilities and to obey
the rules that the AUP contains. Copies of the AUP are displayed around the campus and are available from the
Student Services office as well as the main reception.
As well as the rules that you have agreed to there are also some extra guidelines that will help to keep you e-safe…
a) Be very cautious when replying to emails or messages from unknown senders.
b) Be very careful if you agree to meet somebody whom you have only known online: remember that
online identities are very easy to fake and the person who you are planning to meet may not be who
he/she claims to be. Always tell somebody where and when you have arranged a meeting and take a
responsible friend with you.
c) Do not make hurtful comments about another person: cyber-bullying and online bullying will not be
tolerated in Highlands College.
d) Remember that everything you do in cyberspace leaves a “digital footprint”. If you post a silly or
potentially embarrassing photograph of yourself, or somebody else, online then that image may be
copied, changed and distributed without your control and for a long time into the future. It is
frequently impossible completely to remove any material that has been uploaded to the Internet.
e) Be very careful about discussing any aspect of the Highlands College community on other websites
as this may lead to accusations of inappropriate behaviour that could result in you being punished
under the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.
f) In the context of this Acceptable Use Policy, “unsuitable” material is any material that a staff member
says is “unsuitable”. If you are not sure about whether a specific item (document, image, audio file,
video clip, etc) is “unsuitable” or if another person has any doubts about whether material is
“unsuitable” then you must not continue to access the material until you have been given permission
to do so by a tutor.