Economic Recovery – Retrain

Retrain courses - 75% Government funded

Highlands College and Government Funded courses.

The Government of Jersey has allocated money (through the Fiscal Stimulus and Social Recovery Funds) to support the Island’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19 by funding projects which will stimulate the economy. Highlands College has successfully bid for a percentage of each fund to be able to provide free places on courses to Islanders.

The courses have been chosen specifically to boost productivity, address skills gaps, and support young people, not in education, employment, or training after the pandemic. With this in mind, the courses each have progression routes: this means that on completion you will find an opportunity to further develop your skills and knowledge in this area through the various arms of Highlands College.

The courses are being released in phases so we advise you to keep checking in every so often to see which new courses have been added

As a condition of the funding you must agree to an interview at the end of the programme and 3 months after completion.
Please select your preferred title from the drop-down list
Please enter your first name and your last name(s) in the boxes exactly as they are stated on official documents, such as your passport, birth certificate or driving licence. If your name is too long for the available space please enter it in full at the beginning of your personal statement.
Please let us know how you first heard of this course
Please enter your main contact number
Please enter your mobile number
Your nationality should be stated in your passport
How many years have you lived in Jersey without a break before the 30th June 2020
Please enter the mobile number of who we should contact
If you have any criminal convictions, please select Yes; otherwise select No. Selecting Yes will NOT automatically exclude you from the application process but will be considered when assessing your suitability for your chosen course(s). Please be aware that, for a course in health, social work, sport, childcare or involving work with vulnerable adults, you must tell us about ANY criminal conviction(s), including spent sentences, cautions and behaviours subject to disciplinary processes. Refer to the notes for a full explanation.
If you have a disability, special needs (including dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty) or a medical condition, please select the most appropriate option from the list.
Please select from the drop-down list the category which most closely describes your ethnic origin. If you do not wish to provide this information, please select prefer not to say.
If you do not wish to provide the information, please select prefer not to say.
If your sexual orientation is not included in the list select Other.
I confirm that the information given on this application is true, complete and accurate. No information requested or other material has been omitted.