Exam guidlines for a private candidate


Guidelines and Conditions for Entering Examinations as a Private Candidate

The following applies to all those who enter GCE, GCSE & IGCSE as private candidates through Highlands College Examination Centre.

As an Examination Centre for private candidates we provide you with accommodation and invigilation to undertake your examination. We do not provide you with:

  • Support for your studies.
  • Materials or specialist books required during an examination.
  • Facilities for course work to be marked.
  • Opportunities to conduct oral tests related to qualification.
  • Facilities to carry out practical tests.

If the examination you wish to enter requires any of the above it is your responsibility to organise and arrange for these in a timely manner. The college will not be held responsible for the non-completion of the Subject/Syllabus of a qualification due to missing modules. There are several companies which offer home study courses and give advice & support for distance learning e.g. the National Extension College (http://www.nec.ac.uk).

Registering for an Examination

In completing the Exam Entry Form it is the candidate’s responsibility to supply all the correct details of the examination they wish to be entered for, this includes module details, subject code etc. The Examination Centre will not register the candidate without supplying this information.

To ensure there is no conflict of interest we ask you to advise us if you have employed a private tutor to help you with your studies. Please note we cannot accept examination entries where tuition or coursework marking involves current Highlands College staff. Also, where appropriate, you must complete and return all relevant private candidate Exam Board forms with your coursework.

Access Arrangements for Private Candidates (e.g. extra time)

As a private candidate, it is your responsibility to notify us of any additional arrangements that you might be entitled to when taking an examination. You must do this when submitting your exam entry form.

Examination boards have rules and deadlines governing when applications for access arrangements can be processed, and the college must adhere to these.

Exam access arrangements require evidence of need as well as evidence of a candidate’s normal way of working. For evidence of need, you may need to provide medical or diagnostic evidence, and/or be assessed by a specialist teacher. Unless you have access arrangements that are in date, and were previously processed by this college, you need to be assessed for this. We are happy to provide these assessments (subject to the availability of qualified staff) at a cost that covers our overheads. You will also be required to prove evidence of normal way of working.

If there is insufficient evidence to meet the Joint Council of Qualifications guidelines for this, we will be unable to process your request for special arrangements. Please contact the Examinations Office if you feel you may need access arrangements and we will advise you on deadlines and next steps.

Appeals or Application for Special Consideration

If after you have received your results and wish to arrange for a Clerical Check/Review of Marking, please contact the Examinations Office to arrange a submission with the relevant exam board.

If due to exceptional circumstances you believe may have affected the exam and you wish to appeal, please contact the Examinations Office immediately so we can submit an Application for Special Consideration (evidence will be required).

Please note there are deadlines for the above.  Enquire about dates/fees for these services with the Examinations Office.

Privacy Policy

As a ‘controller’ under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 we process and hold your information in order to provide public services and meet our statutory obligations. We may not be able to provide you with a service unless we have enough information, or your permission to use that information. Below, we explain what we collect; how we will use your information; and what your rights are:

Data we collect: We have collected your personal details (name; address, contact details; and DOB) and we do this in order to carry out the service you have requested; to monitor and improve our performance; to ensure that we meet our legal obligations; to prevent and detect crime; to process financial transactions including grants or payment of benefits; to allow the statistical analysis of data so we can plan the provision of services; and where necessary, for our law enforcement functions; or to protect individuals from harm or injury.

How we use data: We will endeavour to keep your information accurate and up to date and not keep it for longer than is necessary. Please, see our published retention schedules for more detail about how long we retain your information.  We will not pass any personal data on to anyone outside of the States of Jersey, other than those who either process information on our behalf, or because of a legal requirement, and we will only do so, where possible, after we have ensured that sufficient steps have been taken by the recipient to protect your personal data. We do not process your information overseas using web services that are hosted outside the European Economic Area. At no time will your information be passed to organisations for marketing or sales purposes or for any commercial use without your prior express consent.

Your Rights: You can ask us: to stop processing your information; to correct or amend your information; for a copy of the information we hold about you. You can also: request that the processing of your personal data is restricted; and withdraw your consent to the processing of your information. You can complain to us about the way your information is being used by contacting us at registry@highlands.ac.uk alternatively you can complain to the Information Commissioner by emailing enquiries@dataci.org. For further information on why Highlands College collects your data and how we use applicants’ information please view the College Privacy Policy on our website at www.highlands.ac.uk


Examinations Office, Highlands College.  Tel: 01534 608564/608624  Email: exams@highlands.ac.uk

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