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Woodwise Machinery Training

Who is this course for?

Woodwise is a training and assessment programme to improve the competence of woodworking machinery operators, it is designed to support a wide range of different users and abilities. Within a short space of time, novices or experienced operators can become certificated on just one machine, or on a selection of machines, depending on client needs.


What are the entry requirements for the course?

An understanding of the safe set up and use of woodworking machines in accordance with ACoP 9 (The Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery).


How long is this course?

Dates to be advised.


What will I study on this course?

PART A: This consists of a one-day registration and training session at Highlands College. Candidates will be shown how to remotely access the theory elements of the course followed by woodwork machinery training covering the main assessment elements. It is proposed that courses will run one day in June and one day in December on an annual basis. (Dates TBA and will also depend on viability of cohort).

PART B: Once the online theory tests have been achieved, candidates will be eligible for the practical assessments to take place at Highlands College. There is a minimum time period of three months between registration and workshop assessment, this is to give all candidates the opportunity to put into practise what they have learnt. The date for part B will be given on the initial training day, giving candidates a clear timeline to work to.


What Qualification will I gain?

Successful candidates will receive The Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery Certificate, a City and Guilds endorsed Certificate of Competence listing the machines on which the candidate has achieved the minimum level of competence. The Certificate of Competence benefits both woodworking machinery operators, their employers and demonstrates Industry compliance with the latest ACOP.


Will I go out on work experience?

Not applicable.


How is the course assessed?

Online theory testing and practical assessment.


What does this course lead on to?

Not applicable.


How much will it cost?

PART A: £315 + GST

PART B: Practical assessment will be charged at £50 per woodworking machine. The assessments will take place at Highlands College.


How can I find out more?

Please contact John Sheehan on 608604 or email: john.sheehan@highlands.ac.uk.