Q81BCD321 : Book Club Dante: Advanced

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Q81BCD321 : Book Club Dante: Advanced

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This single-session intensive workshop will offer those who have completed the Beginner and Intermediate courses an opportunity to enrich their studies of Dante further. Students should expect to encounter new cantos, explore more critical analysis of “The Divine Comedy,” and develop their confidence in reading Dantes works independently. Taught in English with reference to a number of translations of the original text, this course will provide students with an appreciation of Dantes poem, the numerous themes it explores, and the lasting cultural impact it has had which is still felt today. Please note this course is not eligible for any concessionary rates.


Course Code : Q81BCD321 Status : Space (Enrol Online)
Start date : Saturday 20/01/2024 End Date : 20/01/2024
Times : 10:00:00 – 13:00:00 Duration : 1 week(s)
Tutor : Katie Bastiman (Find more courses from tutor)
Location : Philip Mourant Centre Room : PM 9
Price : £45

If you are booking this course for yourself please Apply Online.

If you are booking on behalf of someone else please call 01534 608655


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