IGCSE English Language (Cambridge IGCSE 0500)

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IGCSE English Language (Cambridge IGCSE 0500)

Who is this course for?

Adults (16+)


What are the entry requirements for the course?

No specific entry requirements, though students will be required to undertake an initial assessment to ensure that they are ready to complete a course at this level.


How long is this course?

Dates: 14 September 2017 to May 2018
Duration:  29 weeks
Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm 



What will I study on this course?

Students will study a variety of texts, complete several writing tasks and enjoy a wide range of classroom activities designed to increase confidence and ability in all areas of their English Language use.  Effective spelling, grammar and punctuation will be taught with the aim of improving students’ writing skills, both creatively and for everyday use.  Effective speaking and listening skills will also be taught, with the aim of improving verbal ability and increasing their confidence as speakers.


What Qualification will I gain?

IGCSE English Language


Will I go out on work experience?



How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed via two final exams:

  •    Reading Passages (50% of total grade) – 1 hour 45 minutes OR Reading Passages Extended – 2 hours
  •    Directed Writing / Composition (50% of total grade) – 2 hours

The course is aimed at students wishing to gain a Grade C or above.  There are two tiers of entry.  Depending on your progress and attainment you may be entered for Core (C-G) or Extended (A-E).


What does this course lead on to?

This is an essential qualification for employment and access to further education courses at Level 2 and Level 3.


How much will it cost?

£350 to include course materials


How can I find out more?

Please contact Gill Daley (8.30am to 2.00pm) on 608640 or email: gillian.daley@highlands.ac.uk


While new GCSE qualifications that award grades from 9-1 were introduced in 2015 for first examination in 2017, we have been given approval to continue with the previous letter grade qualification (A-G) for one more academic year.  However, we will be moving to the new 9-1 course from September 2018.