City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Culinary Skills (Professional Chef) (Day Release)

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City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Culinary Skills (Professional Chef) (Day Release)

Who is this course for?

The Culinary Skills qualifications are for anyone who works or wants to work as a chef in the Catering and Hospitality sector. It is ideal for learners who wish to seek a career in this industry or those already working in the industry and would like to continue to develop.

The Culinary Skills qualifications can help you become a chef or progress to a more senior chef’s role. You’ll gain a high standard of cookery skills and have the option to learn other workplace essentials like health and safety in a kitchen.


What are the entry requirements for the course?

Employment or possible employment in the culinary industry.  

Please enrol online via the following link:

Please note a minimum level of English (Entry 3) will be required otherwise an additional course must be taken at your own cost. 

*There will be an assessment for applicants who have English as a second language on the enrolment evening*


How long is this course?

Day and Time: Thursday from 9.00am to 3.00pm (Term-Time)

Commencing September 14th September 2023. 


What will I study on this course?

Topics covered :

  • Food Hygiene / Food Storage (Level 1 hygiene, COSHH, allergen training, HACCP)
  • Basic food preparation (kitchen hygiene, knife safety, salad & veg prep, basic cuts, blanching and refreshing)
  • Soups & Sauces (food hygiene, basic puree soups and garnish, basic bread recipes, emulsion and reduction sauces, roux based sauces and derivatives)
  • Roasting (basic butchery, tempering, trivets, trying, roasting of meats, roasting of vegetables, making roast gravy & accompanying sauces, Yorkshire puddings)
  • Deep and shallow frying (health and safety around a both deep and shallow frying, types of suitable commodities for deep and shallow frying, blanching of chips, purpose, storage, types of coatings for deep frying, purposes and uses, sauces and dips, garnishes and purposes)
  • Safety at Work
  • Hygiene at Work
  • Food Preparation Methods
  • Cost Control Operations
  • Storage & Care of Materials
  • Nutrition at Work
  • Practical Cookery
  • Cold Food Preparation
  • Basic Pastry Techniques


What Qualification will I gain?

City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Culinary Skills (7138/11)


How is the course assessed?

Practical skills will be assessed on a weekly basis which will include a range of skills tests on all units. 

Theory will be assessed by both assignments and short answer paper (Year 2).

Successful completion of this course requires a minimum of 95% attendance due to continuous assessment.


What does this course lead on to?

City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills  (7138/11)


How much will it cost?

Year 1 – £1,129.55

Fees are non-refundable. 

Resits of exams are £30.

Uniform/books and knives to be purchased @ approx cost of £150 (details will be given at enrolment evening).


How can I find out more?

For further information please email


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