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This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the public examinations expected to take place in schools and colleges between April and June 2020 were cancelled by the UK Government, and special arrangements were put in place for this year’s results.

Under the new arrangements, both Jersey and UK students have been given a final grade in each subject that is either the centre assessment grade (CAG)* that was determined by the school or college, or the standardised grade that was calculated by exam boards in the UK. The higher of the two grades (CAG/Calculated Grade) has been issued to students as their final grade for each subject. This also applies to vocational qualifications like BTEC and OCR.

The final grades reflect the hard work and dedication students have put in over their schooling. This should be celebrated. We will continue to focus on the progression of our students and to support them with their future options. The final grades have also contributed to the Island figures circulated today by the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills.

Highlands College is processing most admissions online. Students can also visit the college if they would benefit from additional advice and guidance. Appointments can be booked via

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*The centre assessment grade (CAG) is the teacher’s or lecturer’s professional judgement of the most likely grade a student would have achieved if exams had gone ahead. It was based on a range of evidence including mock exams, non-exam assessment, homework assignments and any other record of student performance over the course of study. For tiered subjects, the centre assessment grade reflected each student’s tier of entry. For example: 9 to 3 for higher tier and 5 to 1, or U, for foundation tier. For vocational qualifications the awards will be at pass, merit, or distinction/distinction*.

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