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Storm Ciara update


Dear Parents and Carers,

We are working hand-in-hand with colleagues in the Children, Young People, Education and Skills Department this evening to monitor Storm Ciara, which has built significantly over recent hours. The Island is now facing a red weather warning with Force 10 winds forecast.

The Department is also working with colleagues across Government to see what impact road closures will have on transportation, including on school buses tomorrow.

At this time, there is no advice that indicates we should close schools and colleges tomorrow.

The Department will issue advice if and when we think there should be generalised school closures.

Disruption to the bus service and roads is not a reason to close a school – it may result in reduced numbers attending or significant lateness, which we would of course make allowances for. We would like to reassure you that we will take into consideration as we are aware of the disruption that the severe weather is likely to cause across the Island.

We are monitoring this situation very closely and will update you as and when we receive further information from the Department.

Here is the latest information we have received:


Following a meeting with representatives from all Emergency Services, all Honorary Police, Growth Housing and Environment, Jersey Met Office, Ports of Jersey and Justice and Home Affairs the below advice is issued regarding Storm Ciara:

With wind speeds predicted to peak at Gale Force 10 and tidal range to peak at up to 11.8 metres, the public are warned to expect heavy flooding particularly in the low-lying east, south and westerly coastal areas.

  • The particular times of note are around the high tides at 18:52 tonight and 07:09 tomorrow.
  • There will be a risk of flying debris, including stones, due to the predicted high winds.
  • The public are requested to travel only if necessary and to expect travel delays and cancellations to both road and air travel.
  • Victoria Avenue has been closed this evening and is expected to be closed until 21:00 tonight.
  • Tomorrow morning, it is expected that Victoria Avenue will be closed from 05:30- 09:30.
  • There is potential for the remainder of the coast road up until St Brelade’s Parish Hall to be closed. Please avoid these areas and, if travelling, to take an alternative route if you have to travel and expect delays.
  • A decision will be made tomorrow morning whether further coastal roads will be closed.
  • In addition, the public are asked to keep away from these areas to avoid risk of harm and not to put themselves in any unnecessary danger especially in coastal areas.
  • With regard to personal property, please ensure it is either brought inside or tied down and secured.
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