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At Highlands we celebrate the National Work Experience Week.

Our dedicated team at Careers & Employability provide support to students going out on work experience placements.

In the last academic year over 88% of our students have taken part in a valuable work placement and we look forward to another busy year ahead!

According to an employer survey carried out by Gumtree in UK, some 90% of employers thought that work experience was essential for anyone applying for jobs in the current climate. The survey found that job applicants with good work experience were seen as more knowledgeable (67%), more confident (44%) and more committed (40%)!


What’s your name and age?

Georgia Wignall

Age 19


What do you study at Highlands?

I am studying CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education and I’m in my first year.

Last year I studied the NCFE Level 2 Progression Diploma in Childcare and Education and passed it with an overall merit


Where did you do your work placement?

Last year I was at St Peter’s Village pre-school for half the year and then went to St Johns Primary School to help out in the nursery for the rest of the time. This year I’m at St Peter’s Primary school helping out in the nursery, reception and year 1.


What did you like most about your work placement?

I liked playing with the children and supporting them in the different activities that they did. I liked making the children laugh and giving them hugs when they were sad. It’s good going on trips to different places with the children. I am really happy to be at St Peter’s Primary School as some of the children in nursery I worked with last year were at St Peters village pre-school and they remembered me.


What advice would you give to others going on work placement?

Always smile, dress smartly but wear something that can get dirty, always be punctual and just enjoy it as it is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience.


What the employer said?

“Georgia was a very pleasant smiley girl. The team, parents and children built good relationships with her quite quickly and would run to hug her as she arrived. They also asked for her when she wasn’t in. She had a couple of pressies form parents/children on her last day. She was always here on time and always organised with her paperwork. Georgia was smiley and relaxed when communicating with the children and would join in with them at activities prompting conversations.”



If you are an employer and would like to offer work experience, please contact our team on T 608534 | or simply complete this form.



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