ESOL : Inglês para Falantes de Outras Línguas

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ESOL : Inglês para Falantes de Outras Línguas

Avaliações de Inglês lugar: The Welcome Centre (St. Thomas Church) todos os sábados 2 – 5h e quintas–feiras 1 – 3h

Nós oferecemos cursos de iniciação , Inglês para os cursos de vida, oficinas de escrita , cursos de língua , Key, preliminar , First , Advanced , Proficiência , Inglês para Negócios e IGCSE Inglês como segunda língua.



  • ESOL English for life courses
    Our ESOL Skills for Life courses are aimed at people living and working in Jersey who need English to ‘survive’ and function in an English-speaking environment. These courses start at total beginners level and progress to an Intermediate level of English.


  • Cambridge Mainsuite Courses
    We offer ESOL language courses such as Cambridge English: Key, Cambridge English: Preliminary, Cambridge English: First, Cambridge English: Advanced, Cambridge English: Proficiency which are all widely recognised internationally.
    We also offer IGCSE English as a Second language.


  • Cambridge Business Courses
    In addition, we run Cambridge English: Business courses which focus on the learning of English in a professional and business context. These are internationally recognised business qualifications which are very popular as a means of gauging the language level of potential employees.


Venues and times
We hold our ESOL courses both at Highlands College and at our partnership venue, The Welcome Centre, St. Thomas Church, St. Helier. Courses run throughout the week and all day on Saturdays.

Jodi Higginson (Mornings only): 01534 608 670
Andrew Rouillard: 01534 608 549
Jo Gueno: 01534 608 549


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